Battle Phases

The Strategy Phase

Every army has a strategy rating. This value represents the assembles forces' response time, aggressiveness, and the competency of their assigned field commander.

In the strategy phase, at the start of each turn, both armies make an opposed strategy test by rolling a D6 and adding their strategy rating to the score. The army which scores higher can choose to go first or second in the action phase. In the case of a tie, the side that failed to win the initiative last round gets it on this turn.

The Action Phase

In the action phase, the armies take turns to carry out actions with their unbroken formations. Each unbroken formation can take one action per turn. The army that won the strategy roll can choose whether to go first or second.

The army going first then carries out an action with one formation, and then their opponent does likewise, and so on until all formations have taken an action. If one side runs out of formations to activate, then the opposing side may keep on activating formations one after the other until all of its formations have taken an action.

To Attempt an Action:

  1. Pick a Formation
  2. Choose an Action
  3. Roll the Action Test

Note that both the formation and the action it will carry out must be determined before taking the Action test. Selection a formation without declaring its action before rolling results in an automatic failure due to communications error.


While holding the initiative, an army must take an action with one of its unactivated formations. The following are the actions available to formations:

  • Advance: Make one move, then shoot.
  • Engage: Make one "charge" move, then begin an assault.
  • Double: Make two moves, then shoot with a -1 modifier.
  • March: Make three moves.
  • Marshal: Either shoot with a -1 modifier or make one move, then regroup. Regrouping can restore morale.
  • Overwatch: Stay still and enter Overwatch. A formation on overwatch can interrupt an enemy formation's action to shoot it. Requires all units to be in formation.
  • Sustained Fire: Stay still, do not turn, but shoot with a +1 modifier. Requires all units to be in formation.

Additionally, there are two special types of action available to formations:

  • Hold: Move, shoot, or regroup. If out of formation, the only option is move. This action is the only one available to formations that fail an action test.
  • Special: Some formations can carry out special actions, which are detailed elsewhere.

Action Tests

In order to carry out an action, formations must complete an action test. Broken formations cannot attempt actions, but instead make a rally test in the end phase.

To succeed on an action test, the formation must roll under or equal to its command rating on a D6. A successful test means the formation may proceed with the action. Failure, however, means it can only take a Hold action and that the formation gains a point of Shock. There is a -1 modifier on the action test if any unit in the formation is suppressed, and a further -1 modifier if trying to retain the initiative.

Retaining the Initiative

An army to have successfully acted with a formation may try to retain the initiative and take two actions in a row. To do so, it repeats the process of selecting an unactivated formation and its action, but that action suffers a -1 modifier on its action test. Once again, this can only be attempted if the first formation was successful in its own action test.

The initiative cannot be retained twice. After resolving the action test for a formation attempting to retain the initiative, it passes to the opponent. The only exception to this is if one army has no formations left to activate. In this case, the opponent may keep on activating formations without suffering the -1 modifier for retaining the initiative until all of the opposing formations have taken an action.

Action Test Modifiers
Any Shock Points -1
Retain Initiative -1
Result Action Can Retain? Shock
Pass Any Yes N/A
Fail Hold No +1

The End Phase

The End phase takes place once both opponents have taken an action with each of their unbroken formations. The armies must attempt to rally any formations and then check the scenario victory conditions to see if either side has won.

Rallying Formations

Both armies take turns to rally formations that have Shock or that are broken. Rally the formations one at a time, starting with the player with the higher strategy rating. To rally a formation, the controller must make an action test. There is a -2 modifier to the test if the formation is broken, as well as a -1 modifier if enemy units are within 8 tiles of a unit in the formation.

If the test is a failure, broken formations must make a withdrawal, while formations that are unbroken must remain in place but may not remove any Shock.

If the test is successful, remove half the Shock points from the formation, rounding down to a minimum of 1. A broken formation that rallies is no longer broken. It counts as having as many Shock points as units, half of which will be removed for passing the Rally test.

Rally Test Modifiers
Criteria Modifier
Formation is Broken -2
Enemy Units Within 8 Tiles -1
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