Boss Mek

Boss Mek Special Rules

The Big Mek elite advance has the following rules:

Experience Cost

500 xp


  • Ork
  • Intelligence: 40
  • Skills: Tech-Use +10, Trade (Armourer) +10
  • Magnum Orkus: For the mechanically-inclined greenskin, the transition from Mek to Big Mek begins with what humans might call 'inspiration,' but what Orks call "gettin' ideaz." Such Meks are drawn into the construction of their Magnum Orkus, a veritable masterpiece by the standards of their brutish kind. The exact form this great work takes varies as much as Orks themselves do, but is inevitably among the more impressive examples of greenskin technology: tellyportas, battlewagons, or even Morkanauts, to name a few. The Mek in question becomes almost entirely consumed by his new Projekt until it reaches completion, at which point he finds himself a full-fledged Big Mek, clear-headed (relatively-speaking) and full of new ideas. Assuming the entire thing doesn't go up in flames and take him with it, of course.

Instant Changes

  • Gains the Knowledge aptitude.
  • Gains the Size (Hulking) trait.
  • Gains a +10 bonus on Acquisitions for Ork materials.
  • Treats all Ork weapons as having the Reliable quality.

Unlocked Advances

A Big Mek gains access to a special set of talents. These talents are available only to Big Mek, and are purchased with experience in the same manner as regular talents are purchased.

Big Mek Talents

Tier 3 Prerequisites Aptitude 1 Aptitude 2 Benefit
Bodgin' Intelligence Tech Spend the first Full Action of an encounter to apply temporary bonuses to Ork weapons.
Master Mekaniak Tech-Use +20 Intelligence Tech Gain +10 to Tech-Use tests, increased to +20 for Ork technology.
Waaaghshop Manager Intimidate +20 Intelligence Leadership Henchmen gain a +10 bonus on mastered crafting skills.


Dis'll make it right flash, boyz!
Tier: 3
Prerequisites: None
Aptitudes: Intelligence, Tech
Effects: On the first round of an encounter, the character can spend a Full Action to modify a number of Ork weapons up to their Intelligence Bonus. Doing so requires a Challenging (+0) Tech-Use Test, with a failure causing the weapons to break until repaired. Until the end of the combat encounter, weapons successfully modified gain +1d5 Damage and one of the following Qualities you choose:

  • Flame
  • Maximal (Ranged; Requires Energy)
  • Scatter (Ranged)
  • Shocking
  • Storm (Ranged; Requires Full-Auto)

Master Mekaniak

I got da biggest wrench an' da biggest brainz.
Tier: 3
Prerequisites: Tech-Use +20
Aptitudes: Intelligence, Tech
Effects: The character gains a +10 bonus on all Tech-Use tests, increasing to +20 when dealing with Ork technology.

Waaaghshop Manager

Oi! Iz you gits muckin' about? Get back ta work!
Tier: 3
Prerequisites: Intimidate +20
Aptitudes: Intelligence, Leadership
Effects: While performing Extended Crafting tests, the character's Henchmen gain a +10 bonus on any skill the Big Mek has at Rank 4.

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