Big Mek

Experience Cost : 500 xp


  • Characteristics: Int 40
  • Skills: Tech-Use +10, Trade (Armourer) +10
  • Magnum Orkus: When a young Ork begins the transition from mere Mekboy to full-fledged Big Mek, he is struck by what humans might call "inspiration" but Orks refer to as "finkin' big." Such Meks are drawn into the construction of their Magnum Orkus, a veritable masterpiece by the standards of their brutish kind. The exact form this great work takes varies as much as Orks themselves do, but is inevitably among the more impressive examples of greenskin technology: tellyportas, deff dreads, and particularly powerful zapp guns, to name a few. The Mek in question becomes almost entirely consumed by his new Projekt until it reaches completion, at which point he finds himself a full-fledged Big Mek, clear-headed (relatively-speaking) and full of new ideas. Assuming the entire thing doesn't go up in flames and take him with it, of course.

Instant Changes

  • Aptitudes: Tech
  • Traits: Size (Hulking)
  • Wonky Gubbins:
    • All Ork weapons you use are considered to have the Reliable Quality.
    • You can make a Challenging (+0) Tech-Use Test to "kustomize" any device, requiring only a few minutes of work. Failure means the item breaks and requires repairs. Success applies the following changes, depending on the type of item:
      • Guns have their Craftsmanship improved by one step until the next time they reload, at which point they break and require repairs.
      • All other devices provide a +5 bonus on attempts to use them for a number of hours equal to your Intelligence Bonus, after which they break and require repairs.

Nob Talents

Tier 2 Prerequisites Aptitude 1 Aptitude 2 Benefit
Dat's Right Orky Intelligence Tech Gain bonuses on Crafting and Acquisition Tests for Ork technology.
Tier 3 Prerequisites Aptitude 1 Aptitude 2 Benefit
Bodgin' Intelligence Tech Spend the first Full Action of an encounter to apply temporary bonuses to Ork weapons.
Master Mek Tech-Use +20 Intelligence Tech Gain +10 to Tech-Use Tests, and spend Fate Points to automatically succeed on Tech-Use Tests.


Dis'll make it right flash, boyz!
Tier: 3
Prerequisites: None
Aptitudes: Intelligence, Tech
Effects: On the first round of an encounter, the character can spend a Full Action to modify a number of Ork weapons up to their Intelligence Bonus. Doing so requires a Challenging (+0) Tech-Use Test, with a failure causing the weapons to break until repaired. Until the end of the combat encounter, weapons successfully modified gain +1d5 Damage and one of the following Qualities you choose:

  • Flame
  • Maximal (Ranged; Requires Energy)
  • Scatter (Ranged)
  • Shocking
  • Storm (Ranged; Requires Full-Auto)

Gimme Dem Bitz

I said give'em.
Tier: 2
Prerequisites: None
Aptitudes: Intelligence, Tech
Effects: For the purposes of Crafting and making Acquisition Tests on materials, the character treats the Availability of Ork technology as one step less rare. Additionally, working on Ork technology at the Rushed speed only incurs a -10 penalty to Extended Crafting Tests, instead of the usual -20.

Master Mek

See dis wrench? Dat means I's in charge.
Tier: 3
Prerequisites: Tech-Use +20
Aptitudes: Intelligence, Tech
Effects: The character gains a +10 bonus on all Tech-Use Tests. Additionally, they may spend a Fate Point to automatically succeed on a Tech-Use Test for enhancement, repair, or upgrade of a machine’s system, taking the minimum amount of time possible on the task. In addition, at the GM’s discretion, they may repair objects without all the parts on hand, jury-rigging a working device as good as the original.

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