Eldar Exile
Characteristic Array
WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
20 20 15 20 25 20 20 20 20

Exile Traits

An Eldar Exile character uses the following traits:

Attuned (Trait)

A creature with this trait is considered to have a psy rating of 1 for the effects of items and abilities.

Keen Senses (Trait)

A creature with this trait gains the Heightened Senses (Sight, Sound) talents and Unnatural Perception (1).

Matchless Grace (Trait)

A creature with this trait gains the Catfall and Sprint talents, as well as Unnatural Agility (3).


Eldar gain Corruption as normal, but do not acquire Malignancies or Mutations.


Eldar gain Insanity as normal.

Weapon Options

  • Melee: Eldar Mono-Weapon, Eldar Chainsword
  • Pistol: Blast, Shuriken, Splinter
  • Rifle: Lasblaster, Long-Rifle, Shuricat, Splinter,
  • Grenade: Eldar Plasma, Haywire, Tanglefield

Xeno Rules

A Xeno character uses the following traits and rules:

Lingua Imperia (Trait)

Characters with this trait treat Linguistics (Low Gothic) as an untrained basic skill.

Non-Imperial (Trait)

Characters with this trait suffer a -10 penalty on all Lore tests concerning the Imperium of Man.

Xeno (Trait)

Characters with this trait reduce Morale by 2 while aboard Imperial vessels. Applies once per species.

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