Eldar Exile
Characteristic Array
WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
20 20 15 15 25 20 25 20 20

Exile Traits

An Eldar Exile character uses the following traits:

Ancient Doom

A character with this trait treats the Fear trait of any Slaanesh-aligned foe as one higher.


Eldar gain Corruption as normal, but do not acquire Malignancies or Mutations.


Eldar gain Insanity as normal.

Eldar Exile Rules

An Eldar Exile character uses the following rules:

Experience Cost

500 xp

Starting Skills

Common Lore (Eldar), Linguistics (Eldar)

Starting Talents

Catfall, Hatred (Servants of Slaanesh), Sprint

Starting Traits

Ancient Doom, Non-Imperial, Unnatural Agility (3), Unnatural Perception (1)

Eldar Bonus

Attunement: An Eldar Exile without the Psyker trait is considered to have a psy rating of 1 for effects that specifically target psykers. If an Eldar acquires the Psyker elite advance, they gain no Corruption and start at psy rating 2 instead of 1.

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