Elite Advances
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Elite Advances

Elite Advance Cost Prerequisites Criteria Aptitude Gained Description
Navis Genetor 500 Int 40, Medicae +10, Trade (Chymist) +10, Navigator Approval of house Novator or willingness to risk painful execution. Tech-Use Cultivate bizarre mutations to advance the Navigator gene.
Operative 500 Ag 40, Security +10, Stealth +10 A depth of personal experience with infiltration and wetwork. Finesse Train in the arts of infiltration, larceny, and assassination.
Technophile 500 Int 40, Common Lore (Tech) +10, Tech-Use +10 The spirit of inquiry and complete disregard for the Machine Cult. Tech-Use Develop a heretek's familiarity with both human and inhuman technology.
Eldar Elite Advances
Void Dreamer 500 Per 40, WP 40, Psyniscience +10 Access to either an established psychic mentor or their teachings. Psyker Manifest the unique prescience and powers of the Corsair navigators.
Ork Elite Advances
Big Mek 500 Int 40, Tech-Use +10, Trade (Armourer) +10 Construct a Magnum Orkus: an Orky machine of singular potential. Tech-Use Get da shiniest gubbinz and plan da biggest projekts.
Nob 500 Str 50, Tgh 50, Intimidate +10 Get in a really big scrap (or a lot of little scraps) and come out alive. Leadership Stop bein' a runty git an' get 'ard — real 'ard.
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