Forbidden Lore

Aptitudes: Intelligence, Knowledge
Skill Use: Free Action

All Forbidden Lore skills represent information proscribed or hidden from the average Imperial citizen. In many cases, it is a heinous crime to even possess such data and can quickly draw Inquisitorial attention (even if the possessor himself is working for an Inquisitor).
Forbidden Lore has several different Specializations as listed below. These include all Common Lore and Scholastic Lore Specializations, as each area also has blasphemous and dangerous knowledge beyond what is generally known, or secrets the group obsessively keeps to itself:

Knowledge of the great, lost tech devices of times past, and clues to their mysterious functions and purposes.
Chaos Space Marines
Information concerning those Adeptus Astartes who turned traitor, as well as the paths they embrace and the equipment they use.
Information regarding organised groups that flout the Emperor’s Law in the local sector, such as those engaging in the Faceless Trade of proscribed artefacts.
Terrible knowledge about some of the most infamous Warp entities and their twisted physical manifestations.
Wisdom concerning acts and practices deemed anathema by the Imperium, plus the most contemptible heretics of history and their infamous and deplorable acts.
The Horus Heresy
The origins and history of the 10,000 year long struggle between the forces of the Ruinous Powers and the Imperium of Man.
Even for those who serve an Inquisitor, knowing too much about their masters can be dangerous. Citizens who chose to study the history and nature of the Inquisition’s authority often are exposed to information that can forever ruin their minds.
The study of stable and unstable mutations within humanity, their cancerous influence and mutagenic development over time, and some of the studies and tomes on the topic.
Officio Assassinorum
This highly secretive agency exists to eliminate powerful, often singular threats to the Imperium, such as renegade planetary governors or apostate preachers. Thsoe who dare study the organisation may become familiar with their techniques and wargear.
Knowledge of the scourges of the Warp lanes throughout the local sector, their tactics, infamous vessels, and notorious captains.
Skill in identifying psykers, the effects of their unnatural powers, their dangers, and the general extent of their capabilities.
The Warp
An understanding of the energy of the Immaterium, its interaction and interrelation with realspace, and how its tides and eddies affect travel between the stars.
Knowledge of the minor and major alien species known to the Imperium, the threat they pose to Mankind, and their general appearance. Denote which Xeno species is selected for this specialization.

Forbidden Lore (Xeno)

There are countless species of Xeno inhabiting the dark corners of the galaxy. A few of the more widespread are listed here:

  • Barghesi
  • Eldar, Asuryani or Craftworlder†
  • Eldar, Corsairs†
  • Eldar, Drukhari or Commorrite†
  • Eldar, Exodites†
  • Eldar, Harlequins†
  • Eldar, Ynnari†
  • Galg
  • Hrud
  • Jokaero
  • Lacrymole
  • Loxatl
  • Necron
  • Ork
  • Q'orl
  • Tarellian
  • Tau, Demiurg†
  • Tau, Kroot†
  • Tau, Tau†
  • Tau, Vespid†
  • Tyranid, Genestealer†
  • Tyranid, Swarm†
  • Slaugth
  • Sslyth

†Achieving Rank 1 in one FL: Xenos subgroup also provides Rank 1 in all other subgroups with the same base species.

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