Mechanized Infantry

Mechanized Infantry Equipment

Infantry units can be customized to a far greater degree than other unit types, with a regiment's employer able to ordain their uniform, weapons of choice, and the various sundry items available to them. While this is, of course, only a general guideline at best — even the most disciplined of soldiers is prone to collecting mementos, contraband, or modifications to his equipment — there are a few standards items typically supplied to all but the most despicable of penal legions. The items provided as part of a typical Imperial soldier's kit, regardless of their combat role, are as follows:

  • One uniform
  • One utility knife
  • One rucksack
  • One compact set of basic tools
  • One mess kit and canteen
  • One blanket and sleep bag or bedroll
  • One rechargeable lamp pack (48hr)
  • One personal grooming kit
  • One set of cognomen tags
  • Two weeks' rations

The above list can of course be modified by a unit's employers as they see fit, but is provided as an example of the basic comforts expected by most conscripts. Many armed forces also include a universal backup weapon, often a laspistol or autopistol, but there are doubtlessly just as many which do not. Note that the example kit does not include primary armaments, armour, or tactical equipment, all of which are typically selected based on a unit's role. A flak vest is likely the closest thing to a protective standard the Imperium has for new recruits, perhaps with a matching helmet if their commander is feeling particularly generous. Soldiers assigned to a scout team may be fortunate enough to receive magnoculars and even chameleoline. On the other hand, those picked for line duty are often thrown into battle with little else added to their kit beyond a basic firearm and a few spare clips of ammunition.

Tier Upkeep Special
Light 0 Ruins terrain has no effect.
Medium +1
Heavy +2
Super-Heavy +4 Ignore difficult terrain.
Upgrades Upkeep Requires Effects
Ablative Armour +1 +1 Integrity, -10km Speed
Anti-Grenade Mesh 0 +1 save modifier vs. grenades and melta bombs
Artificer Hull +1 +1 Integrity, +10 Charge and Push Through, -20 Repair
Camo Netting 0 +30 Stealth
Dozer Blade 0 +20 Charge and Push Through
Mine Sweeper +1 Tech-Use +20 Awareness and Scrutiny to detect mines.
Sidecar 0 +1 Passenger, Speed -10km
Smoke Launcher 0 Force a successful hit to reroll. Single-Use.
Superior Plating +1 Reinforced
Trailers Defence Qualities Benefits
General, Light 2 Open-Topped +10 Space
General, Medium 2 Open-Topped +20 Space
Munitions, Light 3 Enclosed Rearm (1)
Munitions, Medium 3 Enclosed Rearm (2)
Tanker, Light 3 Volatile Refuel (1)
Tanker, Medium 3 Volatile Refuel (2)
Weapon, Mortar 1
Weapon, Platform 2
Support Gear, Light - Occupies 5 Passenger Slots
Support Gear Upkeep Space Requires Effects
Accordion Wire 0 5 Deployed. 5u of dangerous terrain for infantry.
Chameleoline Blind +1 Deploy, +30 Stealth
Power Field, Generator +2 Tech-Use Deploy, Cover 8, -20 Stealth
Sandbags 0 Deploy, Cover 4
Support Gear, Medium - Occupies 10 Passenger Slots
Aegis Defense Barriers +1 Deploy, Fortified (1), +2 Cover
Artillery Carriage, Large * See Artillery
Cyclops Demo Vehicle * Tech-Use See Armour
Motive Upkeep Effects
Skimmer +1 Ignore difficult terrain and water.
Tracked 0 Reduce difficult terrain penalty by half.
Walker 0 Ignore difficult terrain.
Wheeled -1
Light Vehicles
Bike Upkeep Defence Move Crew Capacity Other
Bike, Scout 0 6 45 1-2 0 Wheeled, Bike, Open-Topped
Bike, Veloxic 0 4 45 1 1 Wheeled, Bike, Open-Topped
Bike, Aelurus 0 6 40 1 2 Tracked, Bike, Open-Topped
Transport Upkeep Defence Move Crew Capacity Other
Centaur 0 8 55 1-2 5 Tracked, EMS, Open-Topped, Rugged
Tauros 0 8 45 1-2 3 Wheeled, EMS, Open-Topped, Rugged
Medium Vehicles
Vehicle Upkeep Defence Move Crew Capacity Other
Chimera 0 11 35 3 12 Tracked, Amphibious, Enclosed, Firing Ports, Rugged
Repressor 0 11 27 2 10 Tracked, Dozer Blade, Enclosed, Reinforced, Rugged
Rhino +1 14 35 1 15 Tracked, Enclosed, Firing Ports, Reinforced, Rugged
Trojan 0 10 40 3 6 Tracked, Amphibious, Enclosed, Rugged
Heavy Vehicles
Vehicle Upkeep Defence Move Crew Capacity Other
Land Raider +1 25 35 2 15 Tracked, Command & Control, Enclosed, Reinforced, Sealed
Super-Heavy Vehicles
Vehicle Upkeep Defence Move Crew Capacity Other
Crassus 0 15 20 6 35 Tracked, Enclosed, Ponderous, Reinforced
Stormlord +1 18 15 7 40 Tracked, Enclosed, Command & Control, Damage Control, Ponderous, Reinforced
Ammunition - 1 Upkeep per 2 Ammo Types
Missile Attack Qualities
Frag 2d5+2 Anti-Air, Blast (1)
Krak 1d5+4 Anti-Air, Anti-Vehicle (3)
Minefield 2d5 Indirect, Fear (1)
Scatter 2d5 Blast (2), Indirect
Mortar, Light Attack Qualities
Frag 2d5+1 Blast (1)
Minefield 2d5 Fear (1)
Scatter 1d5+2 Blast (2)
Starflare 0 Flare
Mortar, Heavy Attack Qualities
Frag 3d5+3 Blast (2)
Minefield 2d5 Blast(2), Fear (1)
Infernus 1d5+2 Blast (2)
Siege 0 Blast (1),
Launcher, Manticore Attack Qualities
Manticore 3d5+10 Anti-Vehicle (2), Blast (4), Fear (3), Indirect
Sky Eagle 3d5+10 Anti-Air, Anti-Vehicle (2), Skyshield ( )
Storm Eagle 6d5+2 Blast (2d5), Fear (4), Indirect


Amphibious units treat water as open terrain.
Though technically mechanized infantry, units mounted on bikes are relatively small yet fast, reducing the Anti-Vehicle quality of incoming attacks by 1.
Enclosed units share Defence with their passengers. If an Enclosed unit is Sealed or Filtered, its passengers also gain that trait.
Enhanced Auspex
Units with this trait gain +20 Awareness and a Spotting Range of 2, provided they are trained in Tech-Use.
Command & Control, Basic
The officer of units with this trait gains +10 Command and can directly lead a number of units within communication range up to their Fellowship Bonus.
Command & Control, Advanced
The officer of units with this trait gains +20 Command, can directly lead a number of units within communication range up to their Fellowship Bonus, and rerolls failed Command Tests.
Damage Control
Units with this trait ignore one Righteous Fury per round.
Fear (X)
Units with this trait reduce enemy units' Morale by X every time they deal damage after Cover and Defence.
Filter (X)
Units with this trait reduce the Gas quality of incoming attacks by an amount equal to the number in parentheses (X). A Gas attack reduced to Gas (0) deals no damage and applies no effects to the defender.
Firing Ports
Passengers inside a unit with this trait can still attack independently and ignore the Deploy quality, but halve their Force Multiplier and temporarily lose the vehicle's Filter and Sealed traits to do so.
Fortified (X)
Units with this trait impose a penalty on enemy Charge or Push Through orders equal to 10 times the number in parentheses (X).
Open-topped vehicles allow all passengers to shoot out, while providing
Ponderous units do not retaliate if surprised while Advancing, and cannot benefit from the Double Time or Push Through orders.
Units with this trait ignore one Righteous Fury per round.
Units this this trait grant a +20 for Repair Tests.
Units with this trait are immune to Gas attacks.
Shielded (X)
Shielded units reduce all incoming damage by the number in parentheses (X).
Stable units can attack using weapons with the Deploy quality even when not Dug In.
Skyshield (X)
Units with this trait grant all allies within attack range Cover against air attacks equal to the number in parentheses (X).
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