Minion Talents


Talent Prerequisites Benefits
Assistant† The Minion can assist on skill tests.
Caddy Switch weapons as a Free Action.
Gunner Use the Minion to fire vehicle weapons.
Loader Reload using the Minion's actions.
Spotter Aim using the Minion's actions.
Tough The Minion gains an additional wound state.


Talent Prerequisites Action Benefits
Breaching Drill Half Gain bonuses when entering an unknown area.
Coordinated Fire Full Gain bonus penetration on semi and full auto.
Distracting Strike Half Have the Minion feint against the target.
Pinpoint Guidance Half Gain Accurate with non-Basic weapons.
Suppressing Fire Full Have the Minion suppress an enemy target.
Tandem Ambush Half Ambush attacks gain damage and Concussive.
Technical Relay† Half Use a skill via the Minion at a -10 penalty.
Watch My Back Half Re-roll a failed Dodge or Parry test each round.
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