Navigator Special Rules

The Navigator elite advance has the following rules:

Experience Cost

600 xp


  • Willpower: 40
  • Background: Navis Nobilite or Mutant
  • Alike Yet Apart: Characters with the Psyker elite advance cannot gain the Navigator elite advance.
  • A Void in the Warp: Characters with the Untouchable elite advance cannot gain the Navigator elite advance.
  • GM Guidance: The Navigator elite advance is only eligible for purchase during character creation.

Instant Changes

  • Gains the Navigator trait and the Psyker aptitude.
  • Gains the Peer (Navigators) talent.
  • Gains a Navigator Lineage, chosen below.
  • Gains the Lidless Stare Navigator power and one additional power or upgrade.
  • Can no longer gain Corruption Points from Warp Shock.
  • Can no longer gain the Psyker or Untouchable elite advances for any reason.

Unlocked Advances

The character can now purchase Navigator powers by spending experience points. A Navigator can purchase a number of powers or power upgrades equal to twice their Willpower bonus, not counting the initial level of Lidless Stare.

Navigator Mutations

Resisting Mutation

A Navigator’s resistance or susceptibility to mutation is almost purely down to the psychical purity of his gene-stock. When a Navigator learns a new power or increases the mastery level of a power, they must make an Ordinary (+10) Toughness test, which is otherwise considered a Mutation test. Failure means that a flaw in the Navigator's genes has revealed itself, and they must generate a mutation.

Generating a mutation requires rolling 1d100 and comparing it to the table below. If the ones digit of the result is odd, take the corresponding odd Mutation. If the ones digit is even, take the even one.

A Navigator cannot gain the same type of mutation twice. Should the roll for a mutation land on one that they already have (such as a Navigator with Nightsider landing on Wretch), reroll the result.

Navigator Mutations
d100 Mutation Type
1-15 Oddity
16-30 Freak
31-45 Spawn
46-60 Glutton
61-70 Wretch
71-75 Scab
76-80 Beast
81-85 Ghoul
86-90 Horror
91-95 Twist
96-100 Scourge
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