Navis Genetor

Experience Cost : 500 xp


  • Careers: Navigator
  • Characteristics: Int 40
  • Skills: Medicae +10, Trade (Chymist) +10
  • A Fine Line: Navis Genetors are those rare few members of a Navigator House tasked by their Novator with overseeing the further development of their Navigator Gene. Such an position is not granted lightly; any opportunity to enhance a future lineage carries with it a terrible risk, for the margin between stable, modified genetics and rampant, unchecked mutation is a narrow one. Additionally, the nature of their work forever has the Navis Genetor dipping at least one toe into the pool of heresy - particularly reckless or unfortunate individuals are, unsurprisingly, immediately disowned by their Novator should the Inquisition or Adeptus Mechanicus's Biologis Corps uncover their discrepancies. Becoming a Navis Genetor requires establishing oneself with the House Novator as both trustworthy and capable of discretion - or conducting ones own experiments in secret and risking brutal termination if discovered.

Instant Changes

  • Aptitudes: Tech-Use
  • Talents: Targeted Mutation
  • Advanced Mutations: Whenever you roll a mutation type that you already possess, you can choose the subtype you do not yet have or reroll as normal.

Navis Genetor Talents

Tier 2 Prerequisites Aptitude 1 Aptitude 2 Benefit
Cultivated Mutation Intelligence Willpower Roll twice for Malignancies, Mutations, and Navigator Mutations.
Inhuman Expertise Intelligence Knowledge Study creature anatomy to gain knowledge and ignore the penalty to Medicae Tests for xeno biology.
Targeted Mutation Toughness Willpower Gain unique mutations to improve the Navigator Gene.

Cultivated Mutation

Those trusted to advance their house's Navigator Gene are well-versed in the nature of mutation, both planned and unplanned. Though not entirely able to stave off genetic changes once they begin, most still have at least some say in just what manner of abomination they become.
Tier: 2
Prerequisites: None
Aptitudes: Intelligence, Willpower
Effects: When acquiring a Malignancy or Mutation, the character may roll twice and choose their preferred result.

Inhuman Expertise

Extensive probing into inhuman and aberrant genetics means that a Navis Genetor often has the biological knowledge to rival an accomplished Magos Biologis. As the results of their experimentation are often singular and decidedly short-lived, most of these gene-smiths develop a knack for rapidly acquainting themselves with unfamiliar anatomy.
Tier: 2
Prerequisites: None
Aptitudes: Intelligence, Knowledge
Effects: With a few minutes and suitable tools, the character may medically examine an unfamiliar subject with a Difficult (-10) Scrutiny Test. If the subject is not docile or unconscious, this test becomes Arduous (-40) and requires them to be restrained. Success provides basic knowledge of that creature's anatomy and further allows them to ignore the normal penalty to Medicae Tests for said species' biology. This may only be attempted once per subject.

Targeted Mutation

Those trusted by their Novator with the secrets of semi-heretical gene-craft are typically provided ample research material. Due to the nature of their studies, these experiments must be performed on those who share their bloodline, but only the most perverse of houses would willfully sacrifice loyal Navigators in such a way. Instead, such test subjects almost universally consist of the family wretches, born to a Genetor's kin yet too physically or mentally malformed to serve as proper Navigators. Eventually, however, both the well-supplied and desperate alike grow frustrated with using tainted gene pools and turn to the only true-blooded specimen they have: themselves.
Tier: 2
Prerequisites: None
Aptitudes: Toughness, Willpower
Effects: As soon as the character takes this talent, roll 1d10 on the table below to determine their new mutation, re-rolling duplicate results. They can purchase this talent a number of times up to their Toughness bonus, not including Unnatural Characteristics. When the character gains this talent multiple times, note the number of times it has been taken after the talent, such as Targeted Mutation (3).

1d10 Mutation Effects
1 Refined Lens Gain a +20 on Perception Tests while in the Warp.
2 Casus Ceptors When determining Warp Travel Encounters, you may add or subtract your Perception Bonus to the result of the roll. Additionally, gain +1 Initiative.
3 Animus Censor Gain a +20 bonus on Willpower Tests to avoid Insanity or Corruption caused by mental or visual stimulus.
4 Witchsight View immaterial trails left by Warp-touched creatures or phenomena within 50m.
5 Monstrator Inferior When determining Warp travel duration based upon Degree(s) of Success/Failure on your Navigate (Warp) Test, improve the results by one step.
6 Wayfinder Nodule Gain a +20 bonus on Psyniscience and Navigate (Warp) Tests to detect and map Warp routes.
7 Miser's Lobe You instantly and perfectly memorize any information you encounter related to Warp routes, stellar anomalies, Warp phenomena or entities, or astromantic cartography.
8 Somnus Levee When you would acquire Fatigue from using a Navigator Power, reduce the amount by 1, to a minimum of 1.
9 Mindspike Whenever you successfully resist a Psyker power, possession attempt, or other psychic intrusion on your mind, you can make an Opposed Challenging (+0) Willpower Test against the aggressor. On a success, the would-be invader takes 1d10+X Energy Damage ignoring armor and toughness, where X is equal to your Willpower Bonus.
0 Double Mutation Roll twice more on this table, re-rolling any further die to land on this result.
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