Filling a position in Orkish society roughly analogous to that of officers in human militaries, the average Nob has not risen to his station by virtue of any particularly impressive feat of intellect or politicking. He has, instead, battered his way to the top, striding over the corpses of less brutal and aggressive rivals. Larger, stronger, and (most importantly) louder than normal Orks, Nobs are typically found commanding small groups of Boyz in battle, mobbing together with their peers into elite units or simply squabbling among themselves for pre-eminence.

Becoming a Nob

The ascension from Boy to Nob is something that can happen gradually, as Orks do not age past maturity and continue to grow through their entire lives. However, the violent nature of Orky society, coupled with the thrill-seeking natures of the Orks themselves, often means that few survive low enough to ascend the hierarchy by dint of seniority alone. More frequently, such rank is achieved via some significant confrontation in an Ork's life: for all Greenskins, the prospect of a good fight (to say nothing of winning one) accelerates their growth, with greater conflict stirring greater development. Predictably, this means that becoming a Nob often involves taking down a particularly tough opponent — like another Nob.

Nob Special Rules

The Nob elite advance has the following rules:

Experience Cost

600 xp


  • Strength: 50
  • Toughness: 50
  • Ork: Only Orks can become Nobs.

Instant Changes

  • Gains the Leadership aptitude.
  • Gains the Size (Hulking), Unnatural Strength (3), and Unnatural Toughness (3) traits.
  • Gains the option to use Strength in place of Fellowship when purchasing talents.

Unlocked Advances

A Nob gains access to a special set of talents. These talents are available only to Nobs, and are purchased with experience in the same manner as regular talents are purchased.

Nob Talents

Talent Prerequisites Aptitude 1 Aptitude 2 Benefit
Tier 2
Weren't Nuffin' New Willpower 50 Willpower Defence Spend Fate to reduce insanity gain.
Tier 3
Da Strongest! S 60 Strength Offence Increase Unnatural Strength trait by 2.
Da Tuffest! T 60 Toughness Defence Increase Unnatural Toughness trait by 2.
Get 'Ard Da Tuffest! Toughness Defense Soak attacks instead of evading.
Green 'n Mean Da Strongest! Strength General Gain the Fear(1) trait.
Tuffer 'n Nails Da Tuffest!, True Grit Toughness Defence Reduce the effects of Righteous Fury.

Da Strongest!
Yer da strongest. Now act like it, ya git!
Tier: 3
Prerequisites: Strength 60
Aptitudes: Strength, Offence
Effects: When this talent is acquired, the character increases the value of their Unnatural Strength trait by 2.

Da Tuffest!
Don't get no tuffer den you, alright.
Tier: 3
Prerequisites: Toughness 60
Aptitudes: Toughness, Defence
Effects: When this talent is acquired, the character increases the value of their Unnatural Toughness trait by 2.

Get 'Ard
Sometimes, it ain't enough bein' da tuffest. Sometimes, you gotta' get 'ard. Real 'ard.
Tier: 3
Prerequisites: Da Tuffest!
Aptitudes: Toughness, Defence
Effects: Whenever the character would attempt a Dodge or Parry action, they can instead choose to double their Toughness Bonus (including Unnatural Toughness) for the rest of the turn. Using this ability only protects against damage, meaning that any weapon qualities or additional effects are applied as normal.

Green an' Mean
You ain't just big, yer ded scary, too. Look at 'em run!
Tier: 3
Prerequisites: None
Aptitudes: Strength, General
Effects: When this talent is acquired, the character gains the Fear (1) trait.

Tuffer 'n Nails
Dey're gonna need more dakka.
Tier: 3
Prerequisites: Da Tuffest, True Grit
Aptitudes: Toughness, Defence
Effects: When suffering a Critical Hit due to Righteous Fury, the character reduces the result rolled on the Critical Table by half their base Toughness Bonus to a minimum of 0. If the hit's damage was reduced to 0 by Armor and Toughness, instead ignore the usual minimum 1 damage for Critical Hits. This effect can only apply once per Attack.

Weren't Nuffin' New
Don't worry 'bout dat fing. No, I dunno wot it wuz.
Tier: 2
Prerequisites: Willpower 50
Aptitudes: Willpower, Defence
Effects: Whenever this character would gain Insanity points, they may spend a Fate point to reduce the amount gained by their Willpower bonus, to a minimum of 1.

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