Psyker Special Rules

The Psyker elite advance has the following rules:

Experience Cost

300 xp


  • Willpower: 40
  • Alike Yet Apart: Characters with the Navigator elite advance cannot gain the Psyker elite advance.
  • A Void in the Warp: Characters with the Untouchable elite advance cannot gain the Psyker elite advance.
  • Rogue Psyker: Characters without the Adeptus Astra Telepathica background who gain the Psyker elite advance are not sanctioned. They do not gain the Sanctioned trait and count as rogue psykers.
  • GM Guidance: The Psyker elite advance is only eligible for purchase during character creation.

Instant Changes

  • Gains the Psyker trait, the Psyker aptitude, and a psy rating of 1.
  • Gains access to all psychic disciplines.
  • Can no longer gain the Untouchable elite advance for any reason.
  • If the character does not have the Sanctioned trait, they immediately gain 1d10+3 Corruption points as their mind abruptly opens to the Warp.

Unlocked Advances

The character can now purchase psychic powers by spending experience points.
A character with the Psyker elite advance can also purchase psy rating advances to increase their psy rating. When a character purchases an advance in their psy rating, increase their psy rating by 1. To do this, the character spends an amount of experience equal to 200 multiplied by their new psy rating. For example, to increase a character’s psy rating from 2 to 3 would cost 600 xp (3 x 200).

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