Ranged Weapons New

Bracing applies +20 recoil compensation

Action Type RoF Reload Special
Burst-Fire S/3 100%
Charging S 100%
Full-Auto 10 100%
Manual S
Semi-Auto S/2 100%
Selective S/3/10 100%
Bolt-Action S 200% Reliable
Pump-Action S/2 200%
Revolving S 200% Cylinder
Frame Type Class Range Reload Special Space Notes
Revolver Pistol
Frame Type Class Range Reload Special Space Notes
Pistol Pistol 24m Half 0.5
Carbine Basic 36m Half Assault 1.5
Rifle (Long) Basic 60m Full 2.5
Rifle (Short) Basic 48m Full 2.0
Shotgun Basic 36m Full Assault 2.5
SMG Basic 24m Full Assault 1.0 Uses Pistol ammo
HMG Heavy 72m 2 Full 6.0
LMG Heavy 60m 2 Full 4.0
Sniper Rifle Heavy 72m Full Accurate 3.0
Frame Type Range Special Space Availability Notes
Carbine 16m Assault 2 -10
Rifle 20m 3
Shotgun 10m Assault 3 +0
Light Support Gun 30m
Heavy Support Gun 40m 6 -20
Pistol 10m
Ammo Type Range Damage Pen Reload Special Availability
Auto 40m 6I (x1) 0 Full Average
Stub 30m 6I (x1) 2 Full Common
19mm x3 8X (x1) 4 Full Tearing Rare
25mm x3 11X (x1) 6 Full Tearing Rare
Hot-Shot x2 7E (x1) 7 2 Full Rare
Imperial 40m 6E (x1) 0 Full Plentiful
Melta x1 16E (x2) 12 Full Melta Very Rare
Plasma x3 12E (x1) 8 2 Full Maximal Very Rare
Acid x1 7E (x1) 0 2 Full Corrosive, Spray Rare
Chem x1 4E (x1) 0 2 Full Toxic (5), Spray Rare
Flame x1 7E (x1) 2 2 Full Flame, Spray Scarce
Weapon Class Range RoF Dam Pen Clip Special Wt ~ Availability
Hot-Shot Lasgun
Laser Rifle
Basic 30m S/2 6E (x1) 7 20 6 Rare
Hot-Shot Laspistol
Laser Pistol
Pistol 10m S 6E (x1) 7 20 4 Rare
Hot-Shot Volley Gun
Laser LMG
Heavy 40m S/6 8E (x1) 7 30 8 Very Rare
Laser Carbine
Basic 30m S/2 6E (x1) 0 30 Assault 4 Average
Laser Rifle
Basic 40m S/3 6E (x1) 0 30 5 Common
Laser Pistol
Pistol 20m S/2 6E (x1) 0 30 2 Plentiful
Long Las
Laser Rifle
Heavy 80m S 8E (x1) 0 20 Accurate 6 Scarce
Inferno Pistol
Fusion Pistol
Pistol 10m S 16E (x2) 10 3 Melta 3 Near Unique
Melta Gun
Fusion Shotgun
Basic 20m S 16E (x2) 10 5 Assault, Melta 5 Very Rare
Fusion Cannon
Heavy 30m S 16E (x3) 10 8 Melta 10 Extremely Rare
Plasma Gun
Energy Rifle
Basic 40m S/2 14E (x1) 6 10 5 Very Rare
Plasma Pistol
Energy Pistol
Basic 20m S 14E (x1) 6 8 3 Very Rare
Plasma Cannon
Energy Cannon
Heavy 80m S 15E (x2) 6 6 Blast (2) 10 Extremely Rare
Automatic Rifle
Basic 40m S/6 6I (x1) 0 18 5 Average
Automatic Pistol
Pistol 20m S/6 5I (x1) 0 12 2 Average
Semi-Auto Pistol
Pistol 20m S/3 6I (x1) 0 12 2 Common
Repeater Pistol
Pistol 10m S/2 8I (x1) 2 2 Inaccurate 3 Scarce
Needle Pistol
Syringe Pistol
Pistol 20m S 4R (x1) 0 6 Accurate, Toxic (10) 2 Very Rare
Needle Rifle
Syringe Rifle
Basic 50m S 4R (x1) 0 6 Accurate, Toxic (10) 4 Very Rare
Semi-Auto Shotgun
Basic 20m S/3 8I (x1) 0 8 Assault, Inaccurate 5 Common
Semi-Auto Rifle
Basic 40m S/3 6I (x1) 0 12 5 Common
Stubber, Heavy
Heavy Machine Gun
Heavy 80m S/8 8I (x1) 1 40 8 Rare
Stub Rifle
Bolt-Action Rifle
Heavy 60m S 8I (x1) 1 5 Accurate, Reliable 6 Average
Repeater Pistol
Pistol 20m S 6I (x1) 0 6 Cylinder 2 Plentiful
Incendiary Thrower
Basic 20m S 8E (x1) 0 6 Assault, Flame, Spray 5 Scarce
Flamer, Hand
Incendiary Pistol
Pistol 10m S 8E (x1) 0 3 Flame, Spray 3 Rare
Flamer, Heavy
Incendiary Cannon
Heavy 20m S 10E (x1) 3 12 Flame, Spray 8 Rare
Exotic Weapon Types
Weapon Class Range RoF Dam Pen Clip Special Wt ~ Availability
Shard Carbine
Basic 30m S/8 3I (x1) 0 120 Assault, Toxic (7) 4 Rare
Shuriken Pistol
Razor Pistol
Pistol 20m S/3 8I (x1) 0 120 Keen, Reliable 2 Average
Shuriken Catapult
Razor Carbine
Basic 20m S/6 8I (x1) 0 120 Assault, Keen, Reliable 4 Scarce
Splinter Pistol
Shard Pistol
Pistol 20m S/3 3I (x1) 0 120 Toxic (7) 2 Average
Splinter Rifle
Shard Rifle
Basic 40m S/6 3I (x1) 0 120 Toxic (7) 5 Scarce
Ion Rifle
Beam Rifle
Basic 50m S/3 14E (x1) 3 18 Overcharge 6 Very Rare
Ion Pistol
Beam Pistol
Pistol 30m S 14E (x1) 3 5 Overcharge 2 Extremely Rare
Pulse Carbine
Particle Carbine
Basic 30m S/3 10E (x1) 0 18 Assault 4 Rare
Pulse Pistol
Particle Pistol
Pistol 20m S/2 10E (x1) 0 12 2 Average
Pulse Rifle
Particle Rifle
Basic 50m S/3 10E (x1) 0 18 5 Rare
Pulse Rifle, "Longshot"
Particle Rifle
Basic 80m S/2 10E (x1) 0 14 Accurate 5 Very Rare
Exotic Weapon Types
Ammo Type Range Damage Pen Reload Special Availability
Needle 80m 4R (x1) 0 Full Accurate, Toxic (10) Very Rare
Shuriken 40m 7R (x1) 3 Full Razor Sharp, Reliable Extremely Rare
Splinter 40m 3R (x1) 0 Full Toxic (7) Extremely Rare
Pulse 60m 12E (x2) 0 Full Extremely Rare
Web 30m 0 Full Snare (3) Rare
SP, Cased
SP, Caseless
Type Damage Pen Reload Special Availability
Bolt (Basic) 1d10+5 X 4 100% Tearing Very Rare
Bolt (Heavy) 1d10+8 X 6 100% Tearing Very Rare
Flamer 1d10+4 E 2 200% Flame, Spray Scarce
Las (Basic) 1d10+3 E 0 100% Reliable Common
Las (Hot-Shot) 1d10+4 E 7 200% Rare
Melta 2d10+10 E 12 100% Melta Very Rare
Plasma 1d10+9 E 8 400% Maximal Very Rare
SP (Auto) 1d10+3 I 0 100% Average
SP (Stub) 1d10+4 I 0 100% Common
Volkite 2d10+3 E 4 200% Deflagrate Extremely Rare
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