Rogue Trader New

Boundless Wealth (Talent)

The true scope of a Rogue Trader's finances is so great as to be truly inconceivable by the common man. Even the poorest of dynasties is capable of brushing off losses that would bankrupt the richest planet-bound noble. By the same token, however, all save the most monumental of windfalls is but another drop in the bucket. The character counts the Availability of goods and services as two steps easier to acquire, while all Influence gain is reduced by 75%, to a minimum of 1.

Munitorum Reserve (Talent)

Whether by the grace of some benefactor or through personal means, the character has access to a continual supply of equipment. Any ammo clips, grenades, or sundries they start with or receive through normal Acquisition are automatically replenished whenever they return to a friendly supply depot. At the GM's discretion, adverse conditions or abuse of privilege can penalize this effect.

Rogue Trader Special Rules

The Rogue Trader elite advance has the following rules:

Experience Cost

1000 xp


  • Peer (Own Dynasty)
  • GM Guidance: This elite advance is only available during creation. While Rogue Traders don't significantly affect the balance of play, they severely impact the nature of the game for themselves and other players.

Instant Changes

Gains the Leadership aptitude.

Gains the Boundless Wealth, Munitorum Reserve, and Peer (Nobility) talents.

Unlocked Advances

A Rogue Trader gains access to a special set of talents. These talents are available only to Rogue Traders, and are purchased in the same manner as normal talents.

With the full weight of their dynasty behind them, Rogue Traders display an ambition like no other. They often appear greater than other mortals, defying death and in´Čéicting wondrous devastation on their enemies.
Tier: 3
Prerequisites: Fellowship 45
Aptitudes: Willpower, Knowledge
Effect: When this talent is acquired, the character immediately increases their Fate threshold by one.

Iron Discipline
Iron sharpens iron. The captain does not coddle the crew, nor motivate them through kindness. Instead, their stalwart example and stern leadership exhorts followers with steel instead of spoils.
Tier: 3
Prerequisites: Willpower 40, Command
Aptitudes: Willpower, Leadership
Effect: While the character is visible, a number of followers up to their WPB can re-roll failed Fear and Pinning tests. This includes any PCs who view the character as their leader.

Living Legend
The most successful Rogue Traders are known to hundreds, even thousands of worlds or beyond, with a large-than-life reputation preceding them by light-years. Bowed heads are common in their presence, with excited whispers following in their wake. While tales of derring-do and bold action can give rise to reverence, so too can they give cause for dreadful concern.
Tier: 3
Prerequisites: Fellowship 50, Influence 50, Intimidate +20, Renowned Warrant
Aptitudes: Fellowship, Social
Effect: The character scores two additional degrees of success on successful Influence and Interaction tests. Additionally, they gain the Fear (1) trait while in combat.

Master and Commander
There can be only one commander of a vessel, and their guiding hand, stern judgment, and sage leadership have captained the crew through countless conflicts.
Tier: 3
Prerequisites: Fellowship 40, Intelligence 40, Command
Aptitudes: Intelligence, Fellowship
Effect: As a Half Action, the character can attempt a Challenging (+0) Command test to grant followers a bonus equal to twice the DoS on all tests for the next round. This includes any PCs who view the character as their leader.

Renowned Warrant
While some Warrants of Trade are revered for their ancient and hallowed legacy, laid down in the glory of ages long past, others are made famous (or infamous) by the daring deeds of their bearers.
Tier: 2
Prerequisites: Fellowship 45
Aptitudes: Fellowship, Social
Effect: The character gains a +10 bonus to Interaction tests with those who understand the importance of their warrant, such as other traders and Imperial officials.

Watchful for Betrayal
Great power brings greater enemies. The most influential of Rogue Traders are constantly wary of attack from all sides, taking no chances that they may be brought low by an unseen enemy at any moment.
Tier: 2
Prerequisites: Awareness, Constant Vigilance, Perception 40
Aptitudes: Perception, Fieldcraft
Effect: While conscious and without impaired senses (such as by drugs or a blindfold), the character cannot be Surprised.

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