Talents and Traits

Tier 1 Talents

Talent Prerequisites Aptitude 1 Aptitude 2 Benefits
Binary Chatter Linguistics (Techna-Lingua) +0 Intelligence Tech-Use Gain bonuses to controlling automata.
Carouse General Toughness Gain +20 bonus to resist alcohol and other intoxicants.
Weapon Training† General Finesse Use Weapon Group without penalty.

Tier 2 Talents

Talent Prerequisites Aptitude 1 Aptitude 2 Benefits
Bedside Manner Medicae +10 Intelligence Social Reduce risks when performing Extended Care and gain a bonus to interact with patients.
Bulging Biceps Str 45 Strength Offence Remove the bracing requirement from Heavy weapons.
Exotic Weapon Training† Intelligence Finesse Use Exotic Weapon Group without penalty.
Master & Commander Fel 35, Int 35 Fellowship Intelligence Protect allies from Ganging Up, gain +10 to Command tests during boarding actions.
Power Shaping WP 40, Psy Rating 2 Willpower Psyker Change the template of a Bolt power by taking a -10 penalty on the Focus Power test.
Toxicologist Trade (Chymistry) +20 Intelligence Knowledge Increase the Toxic Quality of weapons by 1/2 Intelligence bonus.

Tier 3 Talents

Talent Prerequisites Aptitude 1 Aptitude 2 Benefits
Don't You Die on Me! Superior Chirurgeon Intelligence Fieldcraft Resuscitate allies who have recently died from Blood Loss or failed Characteristic tests.
Hammer Shot Mighty Shot Perception Offence Shoot a target twice on the same turn.
Superior Chirurgeon Medicae +20 Intelligence Knowledge Gain +20 to Medicae tests, bonuses to First Aid tests.
Versatile Shooter Precision Killer, Target Selection Ballistic Skill Finesse Gain the full benefit of the Accurate Quality on Pistol, Heavy, and Vehicle Weapons.


Trait Effect
Navigator This individual was born with the Navigator gene, either of the Navis Nobilite or in the shadowed ranks of the unlicensed. The Warp Eye stares balefully from their forehead, allowing them to perceive the ebbs and flows of the Empyrean. In addition to providing immunity from Warp Shock, this trait allows characters to purchase the Psyniscience skill.
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