Tau Armoury

Weapon Qualities

Overcharge (X)
A weapon fired in Overcharge mode gains bonus Damage and a Blast radius equal to the number in parentheses (X), but changes its fire rate to S/–/–. The weapon also changes its type to Heavy if Basic, uses three times the normal amount of ammo per shot, and gains the Recharge Quality and Overheat Quality.

Ranged Weapons

Name Type Range RoF Damage Pen Clip Reload Special Weight Availability Notes
Fusion Weapons
Fusion Blaster Heavy 60m S/–/– 2d10+14 E 12 8 2 Full Melta 8kg Extremely Rare
Fusion Collider Vehicle 60m –/3/6 2d10+14 E 12 16 2 Full Blast (3), Melta 20kg Near Unique
Ion Weapons
Cyclic Ion Blaster Vehicle 70m S/3/6 3d10+5 E 5 100 2 Full Overcharge (3) 25kg Near Unique
Cyclic Ion Raker Vehicle 100m S/6/12 3d10+5 E 5 24 Full Overcharge (7) 35kg Near Unique
Ion Cannon Vehicle 250m S/–/3 3d10+5 E 8 90 2 Full Overcharge (7) 35kg Near Unique
Ion Rifle Basic 130m S/2/– 3d10+5 E 5 24 Full Overcharge (3) 12kg Near Unique
Ion Accelerator Vehicle 300m S/3/6 3d10+5 E 12 90 2 Full Overcharge (10) 45kg Near Unique
Missile Weapons
Missile Pod Vehicle 200m S/–/3 2d10+4 X 6 36 2 Full Blast (2) 25 Extremely Rare
Missile Pod, High-Yield Vehicle 200m S/–/6 3d10+3 X 6 72 2 Full Blast (3) 40kg Near Unique
Seeker Missile Vehicle 500m S/–/– 3d10+8 X 8 1 2 Full 30kg Extremely Rare See Description
Smart Missile System Vehicle 200m S/–/6 2d10+2 X 4 48 2 Full 30kg Extremely Rare Smart
Pulse Weapons
Burst Cannon Heavy 60m –/3/6 2d10+3 E 4 40 2 Full Proven (3) 15 Extremely Rare
Burst Cannon, Heavy Vehicle 80m –/6/12 2d10+6 E 6 120 4 Full Proven (4), Tearing 35kg Extremely Rare
Kroot Rifle Basic 150m S/–/– 1d10+5 E 4 8 Full Accurate 4 Very Rare Counts as a mono-staff.
Pulse Pistol Pistol 40m S/2/– 2d10+2 E 4 16 Half 3kg Extremely Rare
Pulse Blaster Basic 20m S/–/3 2d10+4 E 6 24 Half Scatter 6 Extremely Rare
Pulse Carbine Basic 60m S/–/3 2d10+2 E 4 24 Half 6kg Extremely Rare
Pulse Rifle Basic 150m S/3/– 2d10+3 E 4 36 Half 8kg Extremely Rare
Pulse Rifle, Longshot Basic 200m S/2/– 2d10+3 E 4 12 2 Full Accurate, Tearing 8kg Near Unique
Rail Weapons
Railgun Vehicle 400m S/–/– 3d10+20 15 15 2 Full Felling (6), Proven (3), Tearing 60kg Near Unique
Rail Rifle Basic 150m S/–/– 3d10+2 I 12 15 Full Felling (4), Proven (2) 8kg Near Unique
Rail Rifle, Heavy Vehicle 300m S/–/– 4d10+8 I 15 12 2 Full Felling (6), Proven (3), Tearing 60kg Near Unique

Armour Qualities

Auto-Senses provide a +5 bonus to Ballistic Skill tests and a +10 bonus to Awareness tests based on sight or hearing.
As long as power is supplied and the seal remains intact, an enviro-seal's filtration systems will protect a user from environmental effects and keep them supplied with air.
Each hardpoint enables the installation of one support or weapon system on a battlesuit or set of armour.
Jet Pack
Armour equipped with a jet pack enables the wearer to attempt a Routine (+20) Operate (Aeronautica) Test to safely fall and make short-distance jumps. Alternately, the user can make a Challenging (+0) Operate (Aeronautica) Test to gain the Flyer (12) trait for 1d5 rounds plus one per degree of success, after which another test must be made to stay airborne.
Passive Camo
Passive camouflage provides a +20 bonus to Stealth tests, as well as a -30 penalty to all ranged attack tests made against the user while stationary. This is typically a chameleonic coating, meaning that armour can lose its passive camouflage if made luminescent or sufficiently damaged.
Stability Lock
A stability lock is a servo-assisted weapon integration system installed into armour. A heavy weapon outfitted with a stability socket can be locked into the arm with two Full Actions or disconnected with one Full Action. While connected, the user counts as Auto-Stabilized and can fire the heavy weapon using only one hand so long as their armour remains powered.
Stealth Field
While active, a stealth field applies a -20 penalty to all attacks made against the user which rely upon sight. The user gains a +20 bonus to Stealth, increasing to +30 while stationary, and ignores any penalty to Stealth from their Size trait. Nearby sensors and targeting devices are noticeably jammed during this time. A stealth field lasts for up to a minute, cannot be used for 5 Rounds once deactivated, and does not stack with passive camouflage effects.


Name Locations Covered AP Max Ag Special Weight Availability Notes
Carapace Armour
Combat Armour All 6 50 Auto-Senses 12kg Extremely Rare
Recon Armour All 4 60 Auto-Senses, Passive Camo 3kg Extremely Rare
Power Armour
XV15 Stealth Suit All 7 50 Auto-Senses, Blacksun Filter, Enviro-Seal, Jet Pack, Passive Camo, Stability Lock, Stealth Field 18kg Near Unique +5 Availability
XV25 Stealth Suit All 8 40 Auto-Senses, Blacksun Filter, Enviro-Seal, Hardpoint, Jet Pack, Passive Camo, Stability Lock, Stealth Field 35kg Near Unique Size (Hulking), Unnatural Strength (1)
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