Experience Cost : 500 xp


  • Careers: Any except Astropaths, Explorators, Missionaries, or Xenos
  • Characteristics: Int 40
  • Skills: Common Lore (Tech) +10, Tech-Use +10
  • Tech Heresy: In the 42nd Millenium, the spirit of scientific inquiry has largely been replaced by litany and scripture. Those who defy the strict rites and regulations on technology imposed by the Adeptus Mechanicus are labelled hereteks. To be a heretek is to fall under a wide label, however, and those who bear the damning title vary widely in their disposition. The popular portrayal of such men and women are rogue techpriests or, worse, those who were never sanctioned by the Brotherhood of Mars at all, toiling away in clandestine workshops to produce all manner of dangerous and illicit technology. In truth, these "Arch-Hereteks" are actually a minority; most hereteks care less for the development of their scientific expertise and more for simply knowing how to work whatever powerful devices they can get their hands on. Technophiles of this caliber simultaneously face greater and lesser risk than the hereteks of infamy, for while they are more eager to acquire potentially lethal xenotech, they likewise exhibit less inclination to recklessly probe such technologies' secrets. Their concerns are far more with utility and maintenance than true understanding.

Instant Changes

  • Aptitudes: Knowledge or Tech
  • Skills: Linguistics (Techna-Lingua) +0
  • Xenotech Adept:
    • When purchasing advances, treat Exotic Weapon Training as a Tier 1 Talent, rather than Tier 2.
    • Ignore any penalty on Logic and Tech-Use Tests to interface disparate technologies, provided you have the appropriate language known. For example, attempting to transfer data between Imperial and Tau cogitators would require Linguistics (Tau).

Technophile Talents

Tier 2 Prerequisites Aptitude 1 Aptitude 2 Benefit
Haywire Weapon Expertise Intelligence Tech Improve the results of the Haywire effect.
Tier 3 Prerequisites Aptitude 1 Aptitude 2 Benefit
Haywire Weapon Mastery Int 50, Haywire Weapon Mastery Intelligence Tech Improved chance to penetrate forcefields with Haywire weapons.
Practiced Intrusion Interface Port or Vehicle MIU Intelligence Tech Gain +20 Security and Tech-Use to bypass defences.
Subversive Programming Binary Chatter Willpower Tech Remotely take control of machines.

Haywire Weapon Expertise

Weapons classified as "Haywire" by the Priesthood of Mars actually cover a wide range of devices, almost all of which utilize electricity to destabilize not just electronics but physical machinery, too. To a Technophile, who must potentially contend with not just Mechanicus hit squads but also rogue automata or robotic guardians as they pursue strange technologies, such weaponry is invaluable. As most techpriests find harming the machine spirit an abominable prospect, those hereteks able to acquire or cobble together their own Haywire weapons often display a level of skill with them to surpass their sanctioned counterparts.
Tier: 2
Prerequisites: None
Aptitudes: Intelligence, Tech
Effects: When determining the strength of a Haywire effect caused by this character, add 1 to the result before consulting Haywire Effects table. On a Righteous Fury, instead add 2.

Haywire Weapon Mastery

Despite being found in myriad forms and produced by various species, Haywire weapons remain poorly-understood by all but their most profound devotees. Whether by subtle modification of their own tools, supplemental devices, or even just perceptive timing, some Technophiles — as well as their electrically-minded Martian opposites — determine ways to bypass even the few technologies capable of shielding a foe from their disruptive energies: namely, forcefields.
Tier: 3
Prerequisites: Int 50, Haywire Weapon Expertise
Aptitudes: Intelligence, Tech
Effects: Attacks from the character with the Haywire Quality cause technological forcefields to roll twice against their Protection Rating, taking the worse result for the defender. If the two options are to either overload or bypass the field, the attacker chooses the result.

Practiced Intrusion

The life of a Technophile sometimes requires facing the hard truth. Often, this hard truth is that someone else has a device they want or a component they need. Fortunately, these sought-after items are frequently protected by technological defences, which just so happen to fit into the Technophile's area of expertise.
Tier: 3
Prerequisites: Interface Port or Vehicle MIU
Aptitudes: Intelligence, Tech
Effects: The character gains a +20 bonus on all Tech-Use and Security Tests made to gain unauthorized access to electronic systems or disable security measures, provided they are able to directly interface with the system using implants.

Subversive Programming

It is a little-known fact among Imperials — outside of the Adeptus Mechanicus, anyway — that most species to utilize autonomous or semi-autonomous machines also tend to use similar means of controlling them. As a result, wireless electronic warfare is a common practice among both the Machine Cult and numerous xenos throughout the galaxy. Technophiles, of course, are quick to pick up on such practices themselves, often as a countermeasure against Martian execution squads.
Tier: 3
Prerequisites: Binary Chatter
Aptitudes: Willpower, Tech
Effects: As a Half Action, the character can make an Opposed Hard (-20) Tech Use vs. Willpower Test against a target with the Machine Trait and an Intelligence of 20 or less. If familiar with the target's primary language, the test is Challenging (+0) instead of Hard. Success means the target follows all commands for the next Round. This control can be maintained by spending a Half Action each subsequent round, with another Opposed Test required every 4 rounds. Commands must be simple and achievable in a single Round, such as "Flee," "Move Here," or "Attack this target."

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